Hello everyone! We're Robin and Julia. We're a crazy couple that loves to spy on others. My wife hides our cameras in dressing rooms and even public showers. She will hide our cameras any place she can. We're just two perverts that love to have a good time. That's why we're sharing our pictures and videos with you. We know you'll have just as much fun as we do looking at them! Not a single one of these people know they're being filmed!
Camera #1 in public pool shower
1 hour 45 min of video
We had this really crazy idea of putting cameras into a public shower. At first just the thought alone made us pretty nervous. That is until we thought about everything that it would capture. We set it up and let the camera roll. What you're seeing right here is exactly what we got. This is the most perverted thing we've ever done!

Camera #2 in public dressing room
2 hours 15 min of video
Ever wonder what girls do after taking a shower? We sure did! We wanted to not only know, but catch it all on tape. Not a single one of these girls know that we filmed them. We like the thrill of the hunt. The idea that someone might catch us. Not only that, but we get girls in their natural state in public. They aren't playing to the camera.

Camera #3 in public pool shower
1 hour 22 min of video
We sat this camera right by the showers. Look at all the people coming and going. You can even watch them shower. These people still have no idea that you're watching them. They don't even know this site exists. Luckily for all of us they still don't. Watch as these people clean themselves in a public shower.

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